Survey finds more than half of Scots would support independence after Brexit

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15th February 2016 16:56 - Central Government

According to a recent survey, Scotland would vote for independence if Britain was to exit the European Union against the wishes of the majority of Scottish people.Survey finds more than half of Scots would support independence after Brexit

The survey, which underlines the dominance of the Scottish National Party in Scottish politics - discovered that 54 per cent of Scottish people would vote yes in a second independence referendum, post-Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon has claimed that there may be a second independence referendum if Scotland votes to stay in the European Union, but is undermined by Britain voting to exit.

The survey was carried out on behalf of STV News and spoke to 1,000 adults in Scotland and discovered that 54 per cent would vote to leave Britain in the circumstances. As well as this, 39 per cent said that they would vote no. A further 7 per cent said that they did not know how they would vote in those circumstances.

Ahead of May’s Scottish Parliament election, the survey revealed that 53 per cent would vote for the Scottish National Party in their constituency vote, an increase of three points from November, when the question was last asked.

Of the respondents, 20 per cent said that they were intending to vote Labour in the Scottish Parliament election – the same figure as the November survey. On the other hand, the levels of support for the Scottish Conservatives fell by two percentage points to 16 per cent. The Scottish Liberal Democrats were found to have decreased by one point, to just 6 per cent.

The Scottish National Party also increased on the regional list vote with 49 per cent saying that they would vote for them – an increase of 3 points since November.

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