Three-quarters of Brits 'strongly support' latest government measures to prevent coronavirus spread, reveals survey

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24th March 2020 13:30 - Central Government

Three-quarters of Brits 'strongly support' latest government measures to prevent coronavirus spread: The latest survey by YouGov asking how far Britons support the measures communicated to the nation last night by Boris Johnson, has found that 76% are strongly in support, with 93% in support overall.

The Prime Minister announced that people are now only to leave their homes if it is absolutely necessary - or they will face a fine. Under the new strict measures, Britons should now only leave their home to go to work (if they cannot work from home), shop for essential food or medicines, to exercise once per day, help a vulnerable person, or for any medical need. 

Whilst three-quarters of the 2,788 UK adults questioned overnight in the snap poll said they were in 'strong support', of the new rules, 17% said they 'somewhat support' the measures. Just 4% said they 'somewhat' or 'strongly' oppose them - with 3% saying they 'don't know'. 

Women are more likely to be strongly in support, according to the poll, with 82% in favour - compared to 70% of men. 

Of all the age groups in support, 85% of people aged 65 and above said they strongly support the measures, compared to 78% of 50-65 year-olds. Younger people were less likely to strongly support the government's new plan (60%), followed by almost three-quarters (73%) of 25-49 year-olds. 

Another YouGov survey to find out levels of concern around coronavirus has found there has been an increase in the number of people who are worried about contracting the illness.

In the most recent poll (19-20 March), 48% said they are feeling 'fairly' or 'very' scared about contracting the virus, a rise from 38% the previous week. The week prior to that (28 Feb - 1 March), just a quarter (24%) said they were feeling 'very' or 'fairly' scared.

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