Two-thirds of Brits think the government has handled coronavirus testing badly, reveals survey

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2nd April 2020 11:07 - Central Government

Two-thirds of Brits think the government has handled coronavirus testing badly: A YouGov survey asking the public about how they feel the UK has handled the testing of suspected coronavirus cases has found that 66% think they have handled it poorly. 

While 37% said they think the testing of people for the disease has been handled 'fairly badly', almost three in ten (29%) said the situation has been handled 'very badly'.

In contrast, a quarter (25%) of respondents said they feel testing has been handled well, (although just 3% say it has been handled 'very well'). 

The survey also found differences in the way that Conservative and Labour voters view the government's handling of testing thus far, with 36% of Conservative voters believing that testing has been handled well (one in twenty saying it has been handled 'very well') compared to 15% of Labour voters (with just 3% saying it has been handled 'very well'). 

The percentage of people thinking the situation has been handled badly also differed, with 43% of Labour voters saying they think testing has been handled 'very badly' compared to 16% of Conservative voters. 

The survey was conducted on April 1st and questioned 2,625 GB adults, the same day as it was announced that to date, a total of 152,979 people have been tested in the UK (equating to fewer than 10,000 per day), of which 29,474 have been positive. 

There has been widespread criticism over the government’s testing strategy, which has been far from the levels seen in other countries such as Germany, where 354,000 tests were conducted just in the last week. However, in his latest address to the nation from his Downing Street flat, Boris Johnson pledged to massively ramp up testing in a bid to beat the disease, saying that more testing was 'the way through' the crisis.

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