Voters Express Difficulty in Finding Referendum Information, Survey Shows

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5th September 2014 11:13 - Central Government

With the Scottish referendum around the corner, an Ipsos MORI poll has revealed that many voters have expressed difficulty when it comes to accessing the information they require to make an informed decision about which way to vote.

The survey, which questioned 1,006 respondents aged 16+, discovered that just one fifth (20%) of its participants found it easy to unearth trustworthy information - around one sixth (16%) said “fairly easy” and 4% said “very easy.” In contrast, the majority (61%) said they found it hard to find trustworthy data - almost one third (32%) said “fairly difficult” and around three in 10 (29%) said “very difficult.”

Similarly, less than one fifth (19%) said they found it easy to get their hands on impartial information to help decide on how to vote in the referendum - 3% said “very easy” and 16% said “fairly easy.” Almost two thirds (64%) stated it was either “fairly difficult” (34%) or “very difficult” (30%) to find unbiased information.

Furthermore, two fifths (40%) expressed ease in finding helpful documents - one third (32%) said “fairly easy” and just less than one in 10 (8%) said “very easy.” Slightly more (44%), however, said they found it either “fairly difficult” (28%) or “very difficult” (16%) to locate useful guidance.

And, finally, less than three in 10 ( 28%) of the survey’s respondents said they found discovering factual information easy - just shy of one quarter (23%) said “fairly easy” and one in 20 (5%) said “very easy.” In contrast, almost three fifths (56%) conveyed difficulty when it came to unearthing factual documents on the referendum - one third (33%) said they found it “fairly difficult” and around one quarter (23%) said “very difficult.”

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