With just two days to go, Labour and Conservatives are in a deadlock

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5th May 2015 11:13 - Central Government

The daily YouGov poll has found that the Conservative party and Labour are in a deadlock, with just two days to go until the general election.With just two days to go, Labour and Conservatives are in a deadlock

Two separate polls revealed that the parties are in a dead heat. Another poll showed that tactical voting by the Conservatives may result in Nick Clegg - the Liberal Democrat party leader - keeping his seat as deputy prime minister, for another five years.

Today, the daily YouGov poll has shown that Labour and the Conservatives are tied, with both the political parties at 33 per cent.

In third place, with 12 per cent, is UKIP, followed by the Liberal Democrats (10 per cent) and the Green Party (5 per cent).

The two previous polls, which were conducted over the weekend, showed that the Conservatives were in the lead, with just 1 point.

The ComRes and Sunday Mirror poll has shown the same result as the YouGov survey – that both Labour and the Conservatives are in a dead heat, with 33 per cent each. However, the ComRes and Sunday Mirror poll shows UKIP with a slightly higher percentage, at 13 per cent.

Similarly, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party scored slightly higher in the ComRes poll, with 8 per cent and 7 per cent respectively.

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