lobal Poll Sees UK Rated Second Most Influential Nation After Germany

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8th March 2011 20:17 - Central Government

This year’s popularity poll by the BBC, where nearly 29,000 individuals were asked to rate the global influence of 16 major nations and the European Union, saw the UK take second place for the first time, and Germany voted top.

The annual BBC World Service Country Rating Poll showed the countries who have the most positive views of the UK are the US (80%), Australia (79%) and Canada (69%). In total, positive views of the UK have risen from 53% in 2010 to 58% in 2011.

Canada came third in the survey in terms of positive influence, followed by Japan, France, Brazil, the US, China, South Africa and India.
Those surveyed gave the most negative rating to Iran at 59%, then North Korea at 55% and Pakistan at third last with 56%.

A spokesperson for Globescan, the research company who carried out the poll, commented: “We (the UK) are high profile as a successful, democratic, stable, developed country with relatively little baggage... In terms of lifestyle and its high-quality products, Germany has a successful image and doesn’t have the baggage that countries like the US and China have, which can be seen as culturally controversial.”

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