18-24 year olds said to be the most generous over Christmas

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22nd December 2017 15:38 - Voluntary

18-24 year olds said to be the most generous over Christmas: A recent survey conducted on behalf of network provider, giffgaff, revealed that almost half of the 2,000 people surveyed donated to charity over the Christmas period.

However, two fifths of those who took part in the online survey admitted that they did not give anything to charity last year, whereas some 18-24 year olds said to be the most generous over Christmas donated up to £200.

The percentages of those that donated to charity gave the following amounts:

·       18% gave up to £10;

·       14% gave between £11-20;

·       13% gave between £21-50;

·       3% gave more than £200.

According to these figures, the demographic that proved to be the most giving were the 18-24s, as six percent of people within this age range donated more than £200 and 10.5 percent claimed to have donated between £50-100.

People also ditched the tradition of sending Christmas cards in favour of contributing to charity and to reiterate their ‘actions’, social media users posted the following generic message: The [insert family name here] will not be sending Christmas cards this year. We’re making a charity donation instead.”

Although this can be argued as a fad and does not prove for certain that those who posted this message donated to charity, the Post Office reported a decline in the number of Christmas cards sent, as cards were down from one billion to 900 million.

Nonetheless, charities still received the same amount of support, if not more, through their Christmas cards sales as according to The Greeting Card Association, charities receive around £50 million per year. 

Commenting on the survey’s results, Head of Search at giffgaff, Victoria Tagg, said: "While there is definitely room for more charitable donations over the festive season, it’s fantastic to see a fraction of younger people bucking the trend and showing such generosity."

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