57% of Brits think charities should continue to fundraise throughout the pandemic, according to poll

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22nd April 2020 17:15 - Voluntary

57% of Brits think charities should continue to fundraise throughout the pandemic: A survey of the British public has revealed continued support for charities in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It found that the majority of people think that charities should continue to engage with the public in order to fundraise (57%) and want to see them having an active role in providing support to those who need it. 

The survey by nfpSynergy polled people between 22-24 March just as the government announced the UK's lockdown restrictions. It found that just a quarter of people who give to charities are planning on decreasing the amount they give over the coming months - and almost a fifth (18%) are planning to donate more. 

When asked about the role they would like to see charities play throughout the crisis, almost two-thirds (64%) said they would like them to offer support to individuals who are deemed 'at risk'. Two-fifths (41%) said they would like to see charities funding or carrying out medical research, while 40% said they would like to see them providing hospitals with volunteers, and 39% would like to see funds raised for hospitals treating people with the illness.

Just over a quarter said they would like to see charities providing advice and information, while 13% said they would like them to campaign on behalf of vulnerable beneficiaries. 

Supporting charities responding to the outbreak

Two-thirds of respondents said they are willing to consider donating money to a charity which is responding to the outbreak, however at the time of the survey, just 8% had. 

If a charity responding to coronavirus needed support during the crisis, more than half those polled (51%) said they would consider volunteering, whilst 47% said they would be likely to consider fundraising. Six out of ten people (60%) said they would consider offering support within their community, such as going to the shops for a vulnerable neighbour, while almost a fifth (17%) revealed they have.

Asked about the other causes they will continue to support during the COVID-19 outbreak, Cancer was the top choice (30%), followed by other help and medical causes (26%) and 'older people' (25%). 

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