70% of charities seek to connect with younger fundraisers, reveals poll

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18th September 2019 15:02 - Voluntary

70% of charities seek to connect with younger fundraisers: A survey of charity leaders has found that seven in ten believe attracting younger fundraisers is important for their organisation, yet a third admitted they have not developed a specific strategy to do so.

Almost three in ten said that to attract younger people they have made efforts to build up their social media presence, while 12% said that they are focussed on communicating the importance of their cause more effectively. Other ways respondents revealed they are trying to attract younger fundraisers included inspiring more young people to volunteer (12%) being more active within communities (10%) and creating stronger links within educational institutions (9%). 

The survey by Ecclesiastical Insurance also asked respondents about their trustee boards, with 83% saying that in order for their charity to thrive there was a need to attract trustees that would reflect the diversity of its beneficiaries, with 57% saying they would welcome greater diversity. 

Of those who seek better diversity on their board of trustees, half said they would like to see a greater number of people from black, asian or ethcic minority communities, while a third seek to welcome younger people and a quarter (24%) would like to see a greater representation from women. 

Barriers to becoming a trustee

Looking at the barriers preventing people from becoming a trustee, half the respondents polled said that they believe that a lack of time is the top obstacle, followed by not knowing enough about the role (30%) and a lack of skills (14%). 

The importance of attracting younger people to the charity was also highlighted in the poll with 61% worrying that by not doing so they would be out of touch with their charity's beneficiaries (61%) as well as missing out on innovative and new thinking (61%). Almost six in ten (59%) said that by not having a diverse board of trustees the organisation may find it more difficult to engage with new supporters. Other concerns included a lack of marketing and campaigning skills (57%) lack of digital skills (50%) and a lack of fundraising skills (49%).

Embracing digital 

When it comes to how charities communicate, more than half (52%) said they expect social media will become more important to reach donors in the coming year, while 47% expect that there will be a rise in fundraising through digital channels.

The poll also found that in a bid to strengthen their digital capabilities, almost three quarters had invested in digital in the last year, with seven in ten charity leaders (68%) reporting they have invested in digital skills training for current staff and volunteers. Charities have also  looked towards recruiting more digitally savvy employees (53%) and trustees (43%), with half those polled also reporting that they have supported digital change at board level. More than a third have formed partnerships with tech firms to increase their digital capabilities, according to the survey, while more than a quarter have established a clear mission statement for digital transformation.

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