A quarter of UK local charities fear for their survival, survey finds

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12th July 2018 11:40 - Voluntary

A quarter of UK local charities fear for their survival: Many local charities in the UK are worried about their future, that's according to a national survey of more than 1,500 groups supported by the Co-op's Local Community Fund. 
The Co-op sent the survey to 12,000 local causes it has supported through its Community Fund initiative since 2016 and over1,500 completed the poll.
The Causes and Effect survey sought to find out more about the challenges and opportunities facing local charities in the UK. Of the respondents speaking on behalf of their charities, many had concerns about the longevity of their organisation, with one in four saying they were ‘worried’ or ‘very worried’ about the future. 
When asked to disclose some of the factors that led them to feel they were in a vulnerable position, 56% said that although there was clearly a need for their services as demand was growing, the increased funding or resources needed to meet that demand was not being fulfilled. Rising costs within the charity were also a concern for 44% of respondents, while 30% were facing difficulties due to reduced public funding. 
Increased demand for services
The growing demand for services has meant that even with an increase in volunteers (43%) and employees (36%) two-thirds said they still needed more support. 
The survey also brought into the spotlight the support given to charities from communities – with 69% of fundraisers saying they would benefit from greater local interest in their organisation. Forty-three per cent of those polled also said they would benefit from forging greater links with other charities and community groups. 
The Co-op's director of community engagement, Rebecca Birkbeck, said: “With many groups finding themselves underfunded and under-resourced, it is increasingly important that we all support the crucial work of community groups, co-ops and local charities.”
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