CAF survey reveals the greatest fears of charities over coming weeks, with managing social distancing on top

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25th June 2020 08:39 - Voluntary

CAF survey reveals the greatest fears of charities over coming weeks, with managing social distancing on top: A survey by CAF looking at how charities are faring three months into lockdown has revealed insight into their fears for the 8-weeks ahead. 

The CAF Charity Coronavirus Briefing revealed that 43% of the 248 charities polled between 11 - 15 June said that 'managing social distancing whilst returning to work' was their biggest fear over the coming weeks. This was closely followed by having to reduce services available (42%) and a lack of volunteers (22%). 

A fifth said that the expected increase in demand over the coming weeks was their greatest worry (21%), while getting the equipment they need to make the organisation and services Covid secure was a concern for 19%. For 13% the fear of having to permanently close down due to lack of funding was the greatest concern.

One in five (20%) answered 'other', while a tenth said 'none of the above'.

Asked about how hopeful they feel about the future compared to a month ago, more than a quarter (27%) said they feel 'a bit more hopeful', while around one in twenty (6%) said they feel 'a lot more hopeful'. One in ten (11%) said they feel 'a bit less hopeful' (11%), while 6% said they feel 'a lot less hopeful', however, the majority reported no change (50%). 

Respondents were also asked about the things that have surprised them about their organisation since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, with more than half (51%) saying they were surprised at how well their charity has adapted to the 'new normal'. 

Two-fifths noted the 'resilience of staff' (40%), while around a quarter praised the 'willingness of volunteers' (24%). 

Just over a fifth (22%) said that the support from the public has surprised them most, followed by a 'lack of general support' for the sector (19%), the increase in demand for services (13%) and support from the Government (13%).

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