Charities Aid Foundation finds under-40s are more likely to become social investors

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13th January 2015 12:50 - Voluntary

A recent survey, which recruited over 1,000 people with an average wealth of £7.5 million, has found that well-off individuals under 40, are more likely to be existing social investors or more interested in becoming one.Charities Aid Foundation finds under-40s are more likely to become social investors

The research, commissioned by Charities Aid Foundation found that four in five people under 40 were existing social investors, as opposed to 63 per cent of over-40s.

Charities Aid Foundation’s report entitled: Philanthropy: a Gift or an Investment?,has approximated that £233 billion may have been already been invested in order to successfully reach social and financial returns.

Of the respondents over 40, 63 per cent were described as socially conscious investors, with active ethical or social investments, as opposed to 79 per cent of under-40s

The report also showed that 48 per cent of the investors, under 40 would be interested in giving a charity or social enterprise a zero interest loan.

However, just one fifth of the participants over 40 felt the same.

When examining why people may not make a social investment, 32 per cent of the sample claimed that it was due to low returns and a further 26 per cent claimed it was due to the risk factor.

The report claims that its participants had accumulated an average donation of over £140,000 over the period of their lives.

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