LinkedIn Users Most Charitable with Time and Money, Research Shows

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13th October 2014 11:13 - Voluntary

More than half (51%) of regular social media users in America said they hear about charity initiatives on social media before any other form of communication, according to a recent SurveyMoney Audience survey.

In addition, almost half (46%) said they hear about charitable initiatives most often through social media, trumping traditional forms of marketing, such as TV and word of mouth, by more than three times.

Furthermore, almost two thirds (64%) of Americans who use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+ said they had donated at least $100 to a charity in the last year. An average of 6.5% said they had not donated any money to a charitable cause in the last 12 months.

According to the survey’s findings, LinkedIn users (70.5%) were most likely to have donated $100 or more to a charity in the last year, followed by Google+ (65.1%), Facebook (64%), Pinterest (61.3%) and Twitter (58.2%) users.

Less than one in 20 (4.9%) LinkedIn users said they had not given any money to charitable causes in the last year, almost one per cent less than any of the other measured platforms - Facebook (8.4%), Twitter (6.9%), Pinterest (5.8%) and Google+ (6.6%).

Furthermore, LinkedIn users were also found to be most charitable with their time, with almost half (48.8%) stating they had invested 10 or more hours to charitable causes in the past year.

In contrast, Facebook users were discovered to be least generous with their time, with more than one quarter (26.3%) admitting they had not invested any time in charitable causes over the last 12 months.

Despite LinkedIn users’ apparent generosity when it comes to both time and money, less than 1% of the survey’s participants thought LinkedIn was the most effective social media site to promote charitable causes, with more than nine in 10 (92%) saying they had never heard about a charitable cause or been encouraged to donate to a charity through LinkedIn.

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