Market Research Finds Charities Largely Unaware of Impact of Localism Agenda

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2nd May 2013 13:18 - Voluntary

Market research carried out by the Foundation for Social Improvement demonstrates that many organisations have never heard of the Localism Act or have only heard of it in passing - feeling they do not know enough about the Act to give their views on it. The research received feedback from 442 charity staff over the course of several months from Novemeber 2012 to April 2013.

361 charities responded to the question, 'Do you believe localism will give your charity more infulence in policy and service design in your service area. Of those who responded, 71 felt that the act would give them more influence, whilst 124 disagreed. Almost half, 166, said they did not know - suggesting a high level of ignorance on the issue. This was more pronounced among charities with a lower income. Of the 54 charities who had an income of up to £50,000, 41 stated that they did not know enough to answer the question, with the remaining 13 saying they felt it would increase their influence.

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