Nearly half UK adults would do something ‘daring’ for charity, survey reveals

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26th February 2019 13:21 - Voluntary

Nearly half UK adults would do something ‘daring’ for charity: Ever wondered what lengths people would go to raise funds for a charity they wanted to support? Well, a recent survey for the Charities Aid Foundation has provided some interesting insights.

The survey of over 1,100 adults found that almost half of us would participate in something ‘daring’ such as skydiving to raise money for charity - a figure that is even higher among younger people (16 - 24 years) where over three quarters (77%) happily would.

Of the UK respondents aged 16-24, a third (32%) would go skydiving to raise money compared to a quarter of 25-34-year-olds. Perhaps unsurprisingly older respondents were less inclined to jump out of plane, however 7% of over 65s said they would.

Younger people were more inclined to shave their heads for charity, with 13% saying they 'd be happy to forgo their locks. This is compared to one in ten 35-44 year olds and the same number of 55-64 year olds.

When it comes to stripping off for a naked calendar those aged 25-34 were most up for it  (16%), followed by 16-24 year olds (11%) and 55-64 year olds (10%)

Susan Pinkney, Head of Research at CAF said

“This untapped enthusiasm is great news for charities as they explore new and exciting opportunities for people to raise funds to support their vital work.

“There are lots of daring ways to get involved with a good cause so there is no excuse not to ask yourself what you would dare to do for charity”

In a separate survey for CAF it was revealed that 62% of people believe charity shops on the high street are valuable for the community, while over a third (37%) of people polled regularly shop in them.

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