Nearly one in five Scottish charities no longer operational due to Covid-19, finds survey

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24th March 2021 14:54 - Voluntary

Nearly one in five Scottish charities no longer operational due to Covid-19: A survey looking at the impact that Covid-19 has had on Scottish charities has found that nearly one in five (18%) are no longer in operation as a result of the pandemic.

The research by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) of more than 2,500 charities, found that the situation was even greater for smaller charities (with an income less than £25K), with more than one in four no longer operational.

The Covid-19 impact survey also found that around two-fifths of all the charities polled said they have had to suspend some of their charitable activities, however amongst charities with an income in excess of £100,000 around half have had to put a pause on some operations.

Of the charities polled with an income of £100K or more, fewer than one in 20 had fully suspended operations


Looking at how Scottish charities have been affected by Covid-19, more than half said that they have lost income from fundraising (56%), while almost two-fifths (38%) have lost income from trading and other sources. A third (33%) report a long-term risk to charity reserves, while nearly a quarter reported a short-term risk to charity reserves.

Looking at the delivery of their charitable objectives, two thirds (66%) said that planned work/events have been postponed or cancelled, while 45% reported that current restrictions have prevented work or services going ahead. A third of the charities (33%) said they have been working at a reduced capacity, while the same percentage (33%) have seen a disruption of support to beneficiaries. One in six respondents (16%) reported a decreased demand for services, however 12% have seen an increased demand.

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