Pleas from peers make social media users more likely to donate to charity

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26th November 2014 16:14 - Voluntary

Research from the American Red Cross has revealed that personal messages from friends encourage social media users to donate to charity, more so than appeals from the charity themselves.

Should a friend post on social media about helping a charity, 7 in 10 claimed that they would too assist the charity in some way.

However, only 3 per cent of the respondents believed that social media is an effective platform for charities to appeal for donations.

Across the survey, those who used social media were the most charitable, with over 70 per cent saying that they had made a donation in the last year. 60 per cent of these were online.

The findings also showed that a value was still put on offline methods such as writing cheques and collections buckets. People using social media disclosed that they were more likely to donate using an offline method this year than they were last year.

3 in 5 of those surveyed said that, during the process of donating to a charity online, they viewed the charity’s website on a mobile device.

Face-to-face methods of giving, such as individual collection buckets in a public area, were popular amongst the respondents. The findings showed that nearly 2 in 5 would be likely to make a donation to a charity adopting face-to-face appeals.

According to the research, a charity’s social media presence has no impact on 72 per cent’s decisions to donate.

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