Poll Shows Alarming Decline in Charity Donations amongst Britons

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2nd August 2012 15:54 - Voluntary

An online poll of 2,018 adult Britons on behalf of Time Investments has found that while more people are using the services of charities, there has been a marked decrease in donations by the public.

In total, 9% of the respondents said they had used charities more over the past year than the year before, however 15% admitted they had donated less money in that period.

The survey also discovered that the largest proportion of Britons who had used charities more in a year (14%) were those who live in the south-west of England.

In contrast, the south east and the west midlands had the largest proportion of people who have used charities less during that time at 7%.

Furthermore, London was found to have the largest percentage of people who had upped their donations over the past year (18%); while the west midlands had the biggest percentage of people who had cut their charity donations (19%).

Managing Director of Time Investments, Nigel Ashfield, commented: "Our findings are very alarming. Charities have a key role to play in our communities and, as more people face up to financial hardship, their services are needed more."

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