Research finds profound lack of trust between the public and charities

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30th October 2014 16:59 - Voluntary

A survey by New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), has shown that over one third of British people have little or no trust in charities. NPC have stated that the findings should be a “wake-up call” for the not-for-profit sector.

The survey hoped to achieve transparency and accountability within charities to eventually gain public trust in.

The survey found that 35 per cent of those asked have great reservations about British charities. However, a greater lack of trust was found between the public and international, political and professional-run charities.

On the other hand, the findings show that more trust was found between the public and apolitical, small charities, which use donations to focus on providing services to people.

The sample were sceptical of: charity boss’ salaries, campaigns which do not address issues and potential volunteers not being targeted effectively.

Over 50 per cent of people asked admitted to donating to charity in the last 2 years and fewer than 20 per cent had volunteered in the same time scale.

The study was published in the week following David Cameron’s announcement of his endeavours to assist charities. He proposed that he would help tackle terrorists using charities as means to raise funds for their extremist groups.

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