Seven out of 10 charities rate the Charity Commission’s service as ‘good’, finds report

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13th August 2021 08:53 - Voluntary

Seven out of 10 charities rate the Charity Commission’s service as ‘good’: An annual government survey looking at the experiences and views of people who use the Charity Commission has found that 69% rated the organisation's service as 'good' -- up 5% since the last survey. Broken down further, the proportion of respondents saying the service is 'very good' was 29%, while 40% rated it 'good'.
In comparison, 7% rated the Charity Commission's service as 'poor' -- down 3% since 2019-20.
The survey found that larger charities polled were less likely to rate the Commission highly.
Amongst charities with an income of £0 - £10,000, 73% rated the services as 'good', compared with 66% of those with an income of £100,000 to £500,000 and 57% with a turnover of between £1m and £5m per year.
The survey polled 1,386 charities for the research and found in addition that the rating of services had improved amongst all customers since last year, with Volunteers the group who had the highest proportion rating the service as 'good'. This was followed by 'Trustee Board or Committee Members (74%), Chairs (73%), Professional Advisors (73%) and Treasurers (72%). 
Making contact with the Charity Commission
The research found that the most popular way charities come into contact with the Commission was through its website (78% - down from 84% in 2019/20), followed by using its register (50% down from 57%), and sending emails (43% down from 51%). Around one in six (17%) had called the contact centre, while 10% said they had written letters.
Of all the channels used to make contact with the Charity Commission, the register performed the best according to respondents (85% rated the channel as 'good'), followed by the website (78%), email (72%), direct contact (70%), contact centre (66%) and letter or post (40%).
When asked how easy it is to find information on the website 84% said it was easy, while 17% found the process difficult.  

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