Survey Reveals UK Public Often Ignorant about Services that Charities Offer

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3rd May 2013 16:22 - Voluntary


A survey by nfpSynerg, which polled one thousand Britons, has highlighted that the UK public rarely think to turn to charities as their first port of call for advice or support on important matters, such as financial difficulties, housing, social benefits, issues concerning elderly people and being the victim of a crime.   

The resulting report titled ‘Where do the public go to seek information and advice?’ showed that visiting charity offices was the least preferred option, with 7% seeking help for elderly issues and 5% for another problems.

Using a voluntary sector organisation’s website scored the second lowest as a support resource - only 16% of respondents said they would log on to a charity’s website for advice regarding elderly people and less than 10% would go there for help with any other issues.

Nevertheless, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau was the most popular option when people did seek out charities for assistance, with around half of the surveyants going there for financial and social benefits information and approximately a quarter visiting for other reasons.

The study also discovered that search engines are a more popular choice for guidance than charities, with around a third of people across the board saying this it their first option for information.

In response to these findings, nfpSynergy's researcher Cian Murphy suggested that search engine optimisation could help charities to be more visible to people searching online, since the public is often ignorant about the services that organisations offer. 

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