Survey Shows Charities Should be Making Better Use of Social Media

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17th July 2013 13:30 - Voluntary

In a recent YouGov survey findings show that over a tenth (13%) of people bought something after seeing it on social media, up from just over 1 in 20 (6%) in 2012. It was heard at the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) national convention that Charities aren’t making the most of social media to generate cash and digital technology should be integral to fundraising.

Paul Relf, Support Services Manager at the Prince’s Trust, asked an audience of around 120 people at the technology trends session if social media was a key part of their fundraising strategy, resulting in around half (50%) of them saying that they only use social media to “some degree”.

5.5% of individuals are now donating though social media platforms, this is roughly around the same figure as phone donations.

Paul Relf stated:

"In many charities, fundraising strategies aren't keeping up with digital trends and there's still a split – digital is seen as happening separately rather than the sector embracing digital across their fundraising campaigns."

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