Survey Shows Corporate Charity Activities are Important to Britons

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28th May 2013 16:13 - Voluntary

The latest charity market research, undertaken on behalf of financial services organisation Foresters, has revealed that the UK public expects businesses to donate to good causes.

Of the Britons who took part in the nationwide survey, as many as 89% thought businesses should support charities and their local communities. In addition, nearly half of the respondents (47%) said they would be more likely to buy from companies that make donations to good causes, while 59% believe companies that do so would see increased profits.

When asked to choose between two companies that provide products and services for the same price, 82% claimed their final decision would be affected by whether a company donates to charities.

Furthermore, 53% of the surveyants reported that they were more likely to buy from businesses that did good work in their local communities, while 40% said the promotion of green and environmental issues is important to them.

The study also revealed that 74% of respondents believed their firm has an effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, 21% regularly take part in charitable activities through their company and of the 26% who admitted their workplace did not have an effective CSR programme, all would like one to be introduced.

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