Survey reveals 84% of charity workers are looking for a new job

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7th November 2018 13:35 - Voluntary

Survey reveals 84% of charity workers are looking for a new job: More than 8 in 10 people who work in the charity sector are planning a job move or are thinking about taking up a new challenge.
That is according to a recent poll of charity workers conducted by recruitment agency TPP, which also found that just under a third (31%) said they do not feel their current role is helping progress their careers. 
When respondents were asked if they were planning to change jobs, 37% said 'yes', while 45% answered 'yes for the right role'.
In terms of salaries, the Non-Profit Salary, Rewards & Retention Survey 2018 revealed over the last 12 months they have increased by 1.9%. It also found that women working in the charity sector earn 10% less than their male counterparts; part-time workers receive 4% less than those working full time, and salaries in London are 18% higher than elsewhere in the UK. 
Just 8% of fundraisers received a bonus last year in addition to their salary, while 30% were paid extra for overtime or received time off in lieu. 
Reasons for wanting to change jobs
The top reason for wanting to change jobs was to obtain a better salary, followed by desiring a more interesting role and in third place, to find a better work balance. Others felt a better location or commute would swing it  (4th position) while a 'better culture' at work was the 5th top reason for contemplating a switch. 
The survey also revealed a desire for more flexible working, with 65% saying they could be enticed to change jobs if they could do more work from home. 

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