The Royal Family Come Out Top in UK Legacy Poll

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12th February 2012 15:38 - Voluntary

The royal family have been crowded Britain’s greatest legacy in a recent poll by Cancer Research UK.

Following their renewed popularity arising from the royal wedding last year, 27% of the 2,000 Britons who took part in the legacy survey voted them top.

After the royals, the National Health Service came in second with 18% of the vote and William Shakespeare placed third position at 12%.

Rounding out the top five, afternoon tea reached fourth place, followed by The Beatles. Thereafter, the traditional the Sunday roast came in at sixth place and the BBC as well as dry wit shared seventh position with 4% of the vote.

Charles Dickens and queuing made the final top 10, winning over other British institutions such as James Bond, fish & chips, Wayne Rooney, the English language, Monty Python, the industrial revolution and Dr Who.

Senior Legacy Marketing Manager at Cancer Research UK, Russel Caulfield, commented: “We wanted people to consider what legacy means to them so, as well as asking respondents what they thought was Britain’s greatest legacy, we also asked how they would like to be remembered.  Being a good and kind person was a popular choice, as was being a good or loving friend or family member.  Making a difference was also cited by some people as how they’d like to be remembered.”

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