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Charity market research reveals latest donation trends

1st June 2016 10:54

A recent charity survey by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has revealed that men in Britain trail behind women when it comes to volunteering, sponsoring and donating, with many charities having to adopt new and better ways of attracting donations from… Read more...

Charity survey uncovers the media’s impact on fundraising

29th April 2016 16:21

According to a survey by Third Sector, the media’s stories and articles about methods of fundraising have resulted in 22 per cent of people slightly or much less likely to donate to charity. As well as this, the media’s portrayal has made 33 per… Read more...

Record number of rich Brits donating at least 1 per cent of wealth to charity

29th March 2016 10:20

According to a survey published by The Sunday Times, the rate of the wealthiest Britons donating at least 1 per cent of their earnings to charity is at a record level. As part of the market research, the donations of more than 300 individuals, who appeared… Read more...

Survey finds small charities worry about effect of Fundraising Preference Service

24th February 2016 18:01

According to market research in the voluntary sector, approximately 60 per cent of small charities are worried about the costs and administration associated with the proposed Fundraising Preference Service. Published by the Institute of Fundraising and the… Read more...

Survey finds 1 in 3 Brits are unaware of their local charities

4th February 2016 17:16

A recent survey by TSB Bank has revealed that 1 in 3 British people are unaware of their local charities and have no knowledge of what they do. Of the 1,000 adults in the survey 50 per cent said that they think local charities play an important role in their… Read more...

Few baby boomers choose to volunteer, survey finds

5th January 2016 10:51

A recent research report has revealed that the view that older women are most likely to volunteer is a myth, with the findings revealing that those aged between 25 and 34 are the most likely to participate in voluntary work. The survey had been described… Read more...

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