Air pollution claims tens of thousands of UK lives per year

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14th November 2016 14:30 - Chemicals

Air pollution claims tens of thousands of UK lives per year: According to a recent pollution study, conducted by the Clean Air Alliance, there is a widespread sense of concern in the UK surrounding air pollution, which has been said to claim tens of thousands of lives every year in the United Kingdom.Air pollution claims tens of thousands of UK lives a year

To help tackle the issue, Clean Air Zones may be introduced to the country – an initiative which the survey found that the public would support.

As part of the research, approximately 1,000 individuals were surveyed in Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Southampton and London. These five cities are locations whereby the Clean Air Zones could be introduced later this year.

Of the survey respondents, 76 per cent admitted that they were worried about the levels of air pollution in their area, after learning that some parts of their city has levels of air pollution which are considered to be unsafe and in breach of the European law. The same percentage said that they supported the idea that action needs to be taken to combat the issue of air pollution, with 76 per cent supporting the adoption of Clean Air or Ultra Low Emission Zones in their city.

The Chair of the Clean Air Alliance, Dan Byles, said that the market research findings highlight the scale of the issue of air quality and how much of a problem it has become.

He added that with the awareness of the scale of the issue and the evidence of air pollution’s effect on the public’s health increasing, the public have grown understandably worried. Byles also claimed that it is vital that firm action is taken now to help tackle all the most polluting vehicles on the roads and to decrease pollution where it does most harm.

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