Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Technology Capacity Expected to Soar in 2018

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23rd January 2015 14:42 - Chemicals

The worldwide capacity to produce bio-based materials and chemical technology is anticipated to increase to more than 7.4 million metric Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Technology Capacity Expected to Soar in 2018tonnes in 2018. This has been attributed to growth in the United States and Brazil.

The anticipated figure, of 7.4 million metric tonnes, is more than three times the level of 2008.

The research firm which conducted the study used an extensive database of more than two-hundred production facilities, worldwide.

The research comprised hundreds of interviews, with top innovators and producers, in order to estimate capacity increase.

Findings of the study revealed that polymers will lead the way, with intermediate chemicals (e.g lactic acid and moboethylene gycol) having 40 per cent of the total capacity share. Intermediate chemicals will account for 2.94 million metric tonnes.

Polymers such as polylactic acid and bio-derived polyethylene will boast a 32 per cent share, with 2.39 metric tonnes.

The most rapid growth is expected to be that of bio-oils and derivatives. They are expected to grow at a rate of 38 per cent, between now and 2018.

Among feedstocks, the most rapid growth will be that of lignocellulosics. However, sugar and starch will be the most dominant, accounting for 58 per cent of total feedstock capacity.

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