Chemicals in e-cig flavours can be harmful, study reveals

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19th May 2015 11:45 - Chemicals

A U.S study has found that the large amount of chemicals in e-cigarette flavourings can be potentially harmful, with the study finding a link to Chemicals in e-cig flavours can be harmful, study revealsrespiratory problems.

The study looked at the chemicals used to flavour e-cigarette fluids by analysing samples of 30 products. The study found a profound number of the samples contained aldehydes, which are known to be primary respiratory irritants.

The researchers warned that despite some e-cigarette flavours being made of mostly the same chemicals found in food, and as a result, have passed safety tests, this does not mean that they are safe to be inhaled – just eaten. Examples of these flavours are: coffee, bubble gum and cherry.

The report identified that 7,764 individual flavours were sold online last year, with an average of 242 new flavours being added per month.

Researchers from Portland State University in Oregon said of the research findings:

“The array of e-cigarette products is vast and growing daily. As such, this study was unable to provide a comprehensive overview of the levels of flavour chemicals in such products currently on the market.

Nevertheless, the results obtained are likely to be similar to what a broad survey would have revealed, and in any case strongly suggest that very high levels of some flavour chemicals are undoubtedly present in a great number of the thousands of products currently available.

Regulatory actions that should be considered include requiring ingredient identification, limiting levels of some individual flavour chemicals, and limiting total levels of flavour chemicals.”

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