Clean Air Act backed by 65 per cent of Brits, survey finds

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20th February 2017 15:01 - Chemicals

Clean Air Act backed by 65 per cent of Brits, survey finds: According to a recent market research study into air pollution, more than 50 per cent of Britons feel that air pollution levels across the United Kingdom are harming their health and a further 65 per cent would be in favour of the introduction of new laws to help combat the problem.Clean Air Act backed by 65 per cent of Brits, survey finds

The survey was commissioned ClientEarth, the environmental law organisation, on behalf of the new campaign for a fresh Clean Air Act. The researchers questioned 1,670 adults to reveal that 58 per cent feel that the existing levels of air pollution in the United Kingdom is either very harmful or harmful to their health. When isolating the responses of the survey participants in London, the figure increased to 73 per cent.

The Clean Air Act was launched this month by an alliance of charities, activists and organisations, namely Greenpeace, Sustrans and the British Lung Foundation, all of whom are campaigning for a new law to reduce air pollution.

Air pollution and poor air quality is linked to a variety of health complaints, such as strokes, dementia and heart failure, and is a growing problem in cities all over the globe.

The market research indicated that the vast majority of British people would be in favour of the organisations’ efforts to improve the quality of air, but the concern appears to be split between those who voted for Brexit, and those who voted against Brexit.

The respondents who voted to exit the European Union were found to be less worried about air quality and less likely to be in favour of banning diesel vehicles in areas with high levels of pollution. They were also found to be less likely to believe that the efforts to improve air quality should be the sole responsibility of the government, at a rate of 47 per cent. On the other hand, 67 per cent of the survey participants who voted to remain in the European Union said that they too believe that reducing air pollution should be the sole responsibility of the government.

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