Crop Protection Chemicals Market to Grow at More Than 3 percent CAGR

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1st May 2013 12:37 - Chemicals

The global market for Crop Protection Chemicals including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, bio-pesticides and adjuvants is set to grow from 2,075.5 metric tons (in terms of active ingredient volume) in 2011 to 3,136.1 metric tons by 2018 - growing at CAGR 3,2% from 2013 to 2018 according to a new report listed on ReportsNReports.

Bio-based pesticides are made from renewable resources and contain no synthetic active ingredients - they are thus much more positive on the environment than their synthetic competitors they are expected to be one of the fastest growing pesticides within this segment in the near future. Currently, the market is dominated by herbicides, a segment of synthetic pesticide manufactured from petrochemical or inorganic raw materials - herbicides accounted for 40% of the total pesticide demand in 2011.

Demand for synthetic pesticides is set to fall in the coming years according to the research -  due in part to increased pressures from environmental bodies such as DEFRA and the United States' Environmental Protection Agency.

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