EuPC survey gives new insight into use of recycled plastics materials

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24th January 2019 12:54 - Chemicals

EuPC survey gives new insight into the use of recycled plastics materials: A new report has been published by the European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) - providing 'deeper insights' into the use of recycled plastics materials (rPM). It is the second instalment of the survey which polled 376 companies across 21 countries over the course of nine months (Jan - Sept 2018).

One of the objectives of the survey was to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons preventing European converting companies from having a greater use of recycled plastics materials.

The report drew a number of conclusions providing additional insight and following up findings in the first edition report conducted in 2017.

Some findings…

Eight out of ten plastics converters (80 per cent) felt they were already playing an important role in improving the quality of rPM by taking measures to improve the quality of recyclates.

The report also found that just over three-quarters of plastic converters (76 per cent) felt that the best way to improve the quality of recycled plastic would be to improve the process at the collection and sorting of plastic waste stage.

Respondents also said that recyclers could help by taking measures to improve technology when it comes to recycling plastic (53%) as well as implementing a 'better design' for recycling (29 per cent).

The survey also gave insight into feelings around the current Plastics Strategy, with the majority of respondents reporting that only two rPM out of a possible 10 suggested had a sufficient enough supply to use in new products, making it 'practically impossible under the current conditions,” the report said.

When looking at the quality of rPM available for use, the majority of plastics converters (71 per cent) said that only Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was good enough.

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