Research finds another potential carcinogen in e-cigs

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16th August 2016 17:47 - Chemicals

Research finds another potential carcinogen in e-cigs: According to recent research published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, another potentially carcinogenic chemical has been found in electronic cigarettes, which has put further doubts on how safe e-cigs are to smoke.Research finds another potential carcinogen in e-cigs

The chemical which was discovered recently is called Glycidol and has been described by the World Health Organisation as a “probable carcinogen”. Further to this another potentially harmful compound, acrolein - which is an irritant to the respiratory system and eye - was found in e-cigs.

Following the findings, scientists will try to work out whether the electronic cigarettes contain quantities high enough to cause health problems to consumers.

Of General Practitioners in Britain, approximately 70 per cent said that they rejected the idea of prescribed electronic cigarettes in an online survey by GPonline, an industry website. The GPs said that there was not enough safety data to warrant such a drastic move.

The doctors’ concerns about safely highlights that there is still a lot to learn about electronic cigarettes and their potential dangers; however, GPs, the Government, academics and charities are all in consensus that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

In the most recent e-cig research it was also found that chemical emissions soared in some electronic cigarettes between the first and 20th puffs. Chemical emissions were up to 10 times bigger by the time of the 20th puff.

Alternative research has shown that teens are experimenting with e-cigs on an industrial scale, which has worried some people that vaping may be putting individuals on a path to tobacco smoking in later life.

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