Royal Society of Chemistry survey reveals salary growth across the industry

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13th November 2019 17:26 - Chemicals

Royal Society of Chemistry survey reveals salary growth across the industry: A survey conducted by the Royal Society of Chemistry has found that salaries are increasing throughout the industry, even though industry growth has been slower. 

The survey, carried out every two years, polled 6000 members working in areas including government, teaching, consultancy, industry and academia. It looked at a number of key areas including salaries, career breaks, inclusion and diversity as well as the gender pay gap and key skills needed to climb the career ladder. 

The research found that of all the sectors to experience growth in salaries, pharmaceuticals led the way growing from £52,000 in 2017 to £58,900 in 2019.  Median salaries in coatings, paints and inks have also seen an increase with average salaries growing from £41,000 to £52,000 over the course of two years. It also found that median salaries in teaching have increased by £5,000 since the 2017 poll, from £35,000 to £40,000. This was after a fall in salaries between 2015 and 2017.

When it comes to the gender pay gap, the research showed that it still exists within the industry, however it is at its smallest since the survey began. Women now earn 78% of the average male salary, with the median average salary for men at £49,000 compared to £38,400 for women. 

When asked about the top skills needed for career progression, the top answer given was leadership (56%) followed by communication and networking. 

The survey also revealed that more than half the members polled (52%) saw being passionate about their work as a key motivator, with doing a job that impacts society in a positive way and a good work-life balance also top choices. Just 16% of men and 10% of women said they were motivated by money. 

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