Six in 10 office workers say they are left to make their workplace eco-friendlier, survey reveals

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2nd December 2021 18:09 - Chemicals

Six in 10 office workers say they are left to make their workplace 'eco-friendlier': A recent survey by Essity, a health and hygiene company, has revealed that 60% of employees feel their employers leave them to implement measures to make their workplace more 'eco-friendy'. Furthermore, a third of respondents believe that Covid-19 lockdowns provided an ideal opportunity to apply more measures, but were missed by employers.
The study polled 2,000 British office workers in an attempt to highlight eco problems in offices across the UK. The study found that 45% of those surveyed said their workplace was ‘shamefully’ eco-unfriendly.
When asked about what they would like to happen to improve their office, 36% said they would welcome desk plants to improve the air quality, while 35% said they would rather use more recycled products.
As well as focusing on office working, the study polled the participants about how eco-friendly they were whilst working from home. The survey uncovered that 42% said they had become more eco conscious, with 46% maintaining their efforts when returning to the office.
Furthermore, the change made almost four in 10 participants notice how eco-unfriendly their workplace is; with 38% unsure whether their boss actually knows what measures to implement.
In addition, four in 10 said their boss appears to 'not care at all' about how eco-friendly their office is. On the other hand, 48% said their employer probably does not implement more measures due to cost.
Of the 2,000 people surveyed, six in 10 believe their colleagues would react positively to more eco-friendly practices, with one in five saying they would consider leaving their job due to a lack of green measuers in place.
A spokesman from Essity said: “Working from home has led to people giving more thought to their own actions towards the future of the planet, and it seems many had assumed their employers would give the same attention to the workplace."

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