Smoking hookah tobacco for one session delivers 25 times the tar of one cigarette

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27th January 2016 12:09 - Chemicals

According to a recent chemicals study, smoking hookah tobacco for just one session delivers 25 times the tar of one cigarette.Smoking hookah tobacco for one session delivers 25 times the tar of one cigarette

With the dangers of smoking cigarettes becoming well known, many individuals are substituting cigarettes with alternatives to get their nicotine kick. Hookahs have become particularly popular as a cigarette replacement, with many people believing that they are a healthier way to smoke tobacco. However, scientists have warned that smoking hookah delivers a large, dangerous amount of toxins and chemicals. As well as this, it has been found that smoking hookah delivers 125 times the smoke as cigarettes do, 2.5 times the nicotine and 10 times the amount of carbon monoxide.

Hookahs are communal pipes, which enable smokers to draw smoke through water.

A team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh reviewed 542 scientific articles relevant to cigarette and hookah smoking as part of their research. The scientists narrowed the articles down to just 17 research studies which contained sufficient data to draw reliable estimates of the amount of toxins and chemicals inhales when smoking either hookahs or cigarettes. The scientists revealed that compared to one cigarette, one hookah session delivers many more toxins to the body.

The authors of the study noted that comparing smoking hookah to tobacco, side by side, is potentially problematic, as people have different smoking habits and patterns. For example, smokers may smoke 15 cigarettes per day, whereas a regular hookah smoker may only smoke a few times each day. The researchers emphasised that the research findings may be helpful in drawing estimations for official uses.

The research findings were released shortly after the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention reported that for the first time ever, past 30-day use of hookah tobacco was higher than past 30-day use of cigarettes amongst students in US high schools. As well as this, it was found that 1 in 3 college students in the US have smoked tobacco from a hookah pipe. Of that third, many were not previous smokers of other forms of tobacco.

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