Survey finds most chemical engineers want to stay in Europe

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7th April 2016 10:59 - Chemicals

According to a survey of IChemE members in the United Kingdom, 75 per cent are intending to vote to remain the Europe in the upcoming referendum on the UK’s EU membership.Survey finds most chemical engineers want to stay in Europe

More than 1,000 IChemE chemical engineers participated in the research and gave their opinions on the binding referendum, which is set to be held on the 23rd June.

The survey findings revealed that 23 per cent of the participants are intending to vote to leave Europe, whereas just 2 per cent are either undecided or are not going to cast their vote.

Most of the respondents said that they felt that UK’s exit of Europe would have a negative impact on their respective industries and were found to be particularly concerned about both investments in UK companies, and research funding from the funding council, Horizon 2020, as well as international collaboration brought by the EU’s freedom of movement.

When looking at the findings by sector, it can be seen that there is strong support for staying in Europe, particularly in higher education (88 per cent), power generation (76 per cent), downstream chemicals (71 per cent) and upstream oil and gas (70 per cent).

When looking at the results by UK regions, the survey showed that those in the East of England were the group most likely to want to remain in the EU, with 76 per cent intending to vote against the Brexit. On the other hand, Yorkshire was found to be the least likely to favour exiting the EU, with 43 per cent intending to vote for the Brexit.

According to the respondents who were more Eurosceptic, leaving the European Union will attract further investment to UK companies, whilst still having the option to access single market from outside.

IChemE has suggested that despite the fact that the majority of its members currently support staying in the EU, it will stay neutral in the EU referendum debate.

The support gathered for staying in the European Union extends to the UK’s chemical firms and 17 key chemical engineering employers.

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