Two-fifths of Brits have bought specific hygiene products since COVID-19 outbreak, reveals survey

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15th April 2020 02:22 - Chemicals

Two-fifths of Brits have bought specific hygiene products since COVID-19 outbreak: A survey of UK adults has revealed that 41% have bought specific hygiene or cleaning products since the coronavirus outbreak began. 

The Toluna survey questioned 1020 people in the UK on 9 March 2020, before the lockdown was imposed by the government on March 23. 

The research found that hand sanitizer was the most purchased protective product, with eight in ten people surveyed (80%) saying they had bought it to help reduce the possibility of contracting the virus. The second most popular product was hand soap - bought by almost two-thirds of respondents (64%), while disinfectant was purchased by around half of those polled (49%).

As well as solutions to protect from COVID-19, other measures Brits were revealed to be taking other precautions such as sourcing face masks (37%), as well as wearing latex  gloves (36%).

The research revealed that more than half the people polled have changed their behaviours as a result of COVID-19, with a quarter (26%) saying they would consider using a facemask as part of their plan to protect themselves from exposure. More than half (57%) said that they do not expect to make this change, while 8% said they already had. 

At the time of the survey, half of the respondents polled said that they feel more worried about coronavirus than they do the seasonal flu, with just 9% reporting seasonal flu was a greater concern. The number of people who were equally concerned about both was 41%. 

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