17% more graduates expected to be taken on in the construction industry this year, reveals survey

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14th June 2021 14:00 - Construction

17% more graduates expected to be taken on in the construction industry this year: A recent poll has revealed that the construction industry predicts the number of graduates being taken on in September this year (2021) will rise by 17% on last year's findings.

The study by Build UK surveyed construction workers, with the aim of providing an up-to-date snapshot of the impact the pandemic has had on the construction workforce. The survey also revealed the number of apprentices is expected to increase slightly by July 2021.

The survey found that 44% of respondents currently employ apprentices with just 1% of them still furloughed (due to the Coronavirus pandemic). This has decreased from 3% in September 2020 and 43% in June 2020.

In terms of the greatest increase in new apprentices, the material suppliers (34%) and specialist contractors (24%) sectors are looking to have the biggest increase between April and July 2021.

The biggest anticipated increase in the construction workforce is expected to be among specialist contractors and consultants (11%), with the biggest decrease predicted to be among developers (16%). Additionally, the number of material suppliers and contractors is expected to decrease with the amount of home builders predicted to remain the same.

Response to the pandemic

In response to the pandemic, the construction industry has had to introduce new types of training, with about half of all training expected to be online in the coming months. However, 42% said they have already started face-to-face training with 40% planning to commence it before July. Of the training introduced as a result of the pandemic, 44% has been mental health and wellbeing training with just 16% being sales and marketing.

The survey revealed a decrease of 18% in the number of graduates in the construction industry since last September, with just over one in five (22%) stating that they have a graduate scheme. However, there is a predicted increase of 17% expected next September.

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