39% of tradeswomen say they’re not taken seriously in the trades industry because of their gender, survey reveals

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17th March 2022 17:38 - Construction

39% of tradeswomen say they’re not taken seriously in the trades industry because of their gender: A recent survey into what it’s like to be a woman in the trades industry has revealed that four in 10 tradeswomen feel they’re not taken as seriously as men due to their gender. Furthermore, one in 10 say they have been refused jobs because they are a woman.
Furthermore, almost one in 10 (9%) state they haven’t been allowed to do their job because they’re a woman.
The study by Rated People polled women in the trades industry about their experiences and how they feel they differ from tradesmen. The survey found that one in seven had personal safety concerns while working.
When looking at which specific job had the most female workers, it was found that eight in 10 cleaners are women, with every other profession having more men than women. Just 1% of carpenters and joiners are women, found the survey, with male carpenters getting paid almost double that of a female carpenter.
On the other hand, 8% of the female participants said that they have been able to help female clients who do not feel safe having a tradesman do the work. Three in 10 women said they would feel more comfortable hiring a tradeswoman, rather than a male tradesman.
In addition, three in 10 clients (30%) who hired a tradesman would rate them five-out-of-five; with that increasing to 38% for women. Combined, 94% of clients would rate their tradesperson’s work either four or five stars.
Although there were over 27,000 searches for painters last year, just 32% of women said they would consider becoming a tradeswoman, compared to 47% of men. 
The survey also found that the number of women participating in trade courses has gone up by 27%. 

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