60 per cent of construction workers do not have a contract, survey finds

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21st September 2015 16:33 - Construction

Approximately 60 per cent of construction workers revealed that they work without a contact of employment, according to a survey by 60 per cent of construction workers do not have a contract, survey findsconstructaquote.com.

76 per cent of the construction workers in the survey said that they do not have a contract and they just turn up for work, although, 68 per cent said that they would like to have a contract of employment. A further 20 per cent were unsure whether they had a contract.

Of the respondents, 16 per cent said that they were on a zero hour contract, which does not firmly guarantee any work.

The researchers surveyed 1,043 adults in the UK, who identified themselves as construction workers. Of the participants, 34 per cent were builders, 13 per cent were plumbers and 9 per cent were carpenters.

The survey also explored the topic of annual leave and sick pay and discovered that 82 per cent of construction workers do not get any sick pay from their employer. Further to this, 86 per cent do not get any paid annual leave.

Just 12 per cent of the respondents said that they get paid if the weather stops them from working, and a further 4 per cent said that it was dependant on circumstance.

constructaquote.com’s CEO, Lyndon Wood, said of the findings:

“Our survey reveals that zero-hour contracts are customary in the construction industry. The majority of those we polled told us that they did not receive any sick pay or paid annual leave – which I think is a worrying statistic as many of our tradespeople are out in all weathers keeping the UK economy ticking over.

“I also think it is very telling that just under three quarters said that they would prefer to have a written employment contract and that 76% just turn up for work, with no contract in place.

“Working in the trades without any form of written contract has been the way the industry has worked for years.”

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