A quarter of construction workers say their employer is not open to new tech, finds survey

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9th August 2023 18:24 - Construction

A quarter of construction workers say their employer is not open to new tech: A survey of construction workers has revealed that 25% believe their employer is not open to new technology. 

Construction workers and decision makers were polled in the UK, US and Germany with the findings revealing that 6 in 10 believe that techniques and processes have changed little in the last two to three decades.

One of the key findings of the State of Construction Productivity Survey by HP was that workers believe technology is under utilised, but vital to solve productivity issues. Just 3% of CIOs polled said that technology to improve productivity has been introduced onto their sites in the last year, with three-quarters reporting that no production-boosting tech has been deployed on site in this time. When asked to estimate how much of their annual budget is invested into technology to help improve on-site productivity, 79% estimated less than a fifth. 

Also revealed by the research was that 59% of workers believe that the construction sector is no more productive than at the outset of their career.

When asked about the issues that investing in technology could help to overcome, 'reduce criticism of projects in the public eye' was the top answer given (71%), followed by 'alleviate project delays' (67%), 'help attract the next generation of talent ' (66%)  and 'improve housing shortages' (64%). 

Mistakes by layout teams cause on average 15 days delay found the research, with one in 20 respondents saying errors could cause disruption of up to three months. Around nine out of 10 respondents also said they have had trouble getting the staff needed for layout tasks (88%) with a lack of skills and labour shortages amongst the reasons cited. Improving technology was seen as a solution for improving layout methods, with 66% wanting layout tasks automated, rising to 78% of U.S. respondents.

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