Construction companies feeling the impact of Brexit up 9%, according to survey

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1st August 2018 16:32 - Construction

Construction companies feeling the impact of Brexit up 9%: A survey into the impact Brexit is having on the construction industry has revealed that the number of firms feeling affected by the decision to leave the EU has risen by 9% since last year. 
The research, conducted by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) revealed one in three construction companies polled are feeling the impact of Brexit, however, fewer than a third have done anything about it yet, or plan to do so in the months before the EU departure. 
The study polled 400 employers, 50 recruitment agencies and 244 migrant workers and also found that over half of employers expect to face challenges recruiting skilled workers in the next couple of years. Only 4 percent of those surveyed felt recruitment would become easier.
Of those employers who have made or are making contingency plans for Brexit, only 8 percent plan to increase training, with most saying their main concern was retaining their existing workers. And according to the survey results, employers have a good chance of doing so, with 61% of migrant workers polled saying they expect to work in the UK until retirement. 
Questioned about their reasons for recruiting workers not from the UK, 46 percent said it was due to a shortage of skilled staff in the UK, while 43% said the availability of UK workers was a problem. 
When it comes to dependence on non-UK workers, the majority (71%) said they were not reliant on employees from overseas. Only a small number (5%) said they were 'very' dependent, while 9% said they were 'quite' dependent 16%, 'not very'.
Steven Radley, Director of Policy for CITB said:
As Brexit approaches, construction employers expect recruitment of skilled staff to become more difficult. However, few employers are making firm plans to address this. Rather their main aim is the retention of their existing migrant employees.”

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