Just 9% of construction professionals always incorporate project data into decision making, finds poll

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24th September 2021 01:36 - Construction

Just 9% of construction professionals always incorporate project data into decision making: A survey of construction professionals in Europe has revealed that fewer than one in 10 always use project data when making business decisions, while 64% incorporate project data some of the time, rarely or never.

The research, titled Harnessing the Data Advantage in Construction was conducted on behalf of Autodesk and FMI, polling 1,115 construction professionals across Europe to understand more about the challenges faced within the industry when it comes to using data.

Most construction professionals (82%) agreed with the statement that the organisation they work for collects more data from construction technology than they did three years ago, with almost half (49%) of project management and field supervision staff spending time on collection, management and analysis of project data every week.

The survey revealed however, that two-fifths of the data collected within European firms is considered inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent or untimely, so deemed ‘bad' (40%). Around two-fifths of participants (39%) reported that less than half of their organisation's data is usable and useful for providing insights.

When asked about the process of collecting data, just over half (51%) said their organisation knows what data to collect (51%), while slightly more (52%) said they have experienced challenges around understanding how to manage project data effectively. The survey also revealed that many firms do not know how best to fix the issue.

When asked about the biggest risks when it comes to making decisions about a project, 38% said time constraints are the greatest issue.

According to the survey, almost six in 10 construction organisations polled (58%) reported having a formal data plan in place, however a third (33%) said they did not. The barriers to creating a data strategy included a lack of applicability (39%), cost and resources (37%) and not knowing where to start (35%), according to the findings.

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