Latest research states that the construction industry seeks to see a rise in housing production

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29th June 2017 11:23 - Construction

Latest research states that the construction industry seeks to see a rise housing production: The Home Builders Federation, (HBF), are aiming to support the number of construction providers helping to build an estimate of “one million homes between 2015-2020”.

In order to successfully achieve their target, HBF have devised a blueprint document for 2017, outlining their objectives and predictions over the next three years for Britain’s new government to follow.  

The document contains the following five objectives that HBF set out to undertake, to help reach their goal:Latest research states that the construction industry seeks to see a rise in housing production

·      Support the expansion in the number of providers building homes

·      Ensure the industry has access to skilled labour needed to sustain continued growth

·      Plan for the future of the successful ‘Help to Buy’ equity loan scheme

·      Tackle outstanding planning problems

·      Address problems caused by monopoly providers of infrastructure and utilities


Since the introduction of the equity loan scheme and the National Planning Policy Framework, there has been an evidential rise in the number of houses being built. The statistics from the report state that in 2013-14, gross housing supply reached 150,000 and increased an extra 50,000 by the end of 2016.

Despite authorities increasing the number of planning permissions in 2016, HBF have estimated that Wales and England are still in need of 252,000 homes. To help tackle the rising price of home ownership, the UK Government produced a whitepaper in February, detailing their plans to help supply new homes and reform the housing market. In doing this, the Government will achieve their aim to make houses more accessible for the working class.

In order to do so, the UK government have set out a complex strategy to improve the housing market. In the foreword section of the paper, the government’s strategy briefly outlines the following four factors:

1.     More land is needed

2.     Ensure that homes are built quickly once planning permissions are granted

3.     Diversify the housing market

4.     Take more steps to help people now; including safeguarding the private rented sector and doing more to prevent homelessness

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