Less than half of construction businesses have a digital strategy, recent survey finds

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16th January 2018 15:33 - Construction

Less than half of construction businesses have a digital strategy, recent survey finds

Less than half of construction businesses have a digital strategy, recent survey finds: Despite the importance of IT in the digital age, some businesses in the construction sector are failing to implement IT and digital strategies to help achieve their business targets, according to recent research.   

Due to digitalisation, IT is everywhere and developing a IT strategy has become an important part of business infrastructure, however if not fully maintained, issues such as cybersecurity can put businesses and customers at risk.  

Following from the results from the White Paper, “Business transformation: operational challenges and IT solutions in the construction equipment market”, the survey asked construction equipment businesses, including rental companies, distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), about their IT/digital strategies and their opinions of technological developments, as well as any operational issues they have encountered.    

Overall, respondents identified IT strategies as beneficial for maintaining operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience and engagement. However, many said that the amount of time needed to analyse the data and lack of accurate/timely data had limited their operations services.   

According to the survey’s results, the percentages of those who have a comprehensive digital strategy for all types of software and solutions are as follows:

·       Rental – 37%

·       Distributor – 39%

·       OEM – 56%

However, those that don’t currently have a strategy but are evaluating options are:

·       Rental – 30%

·       Distributor - 33%

·       OEM – 12%

In addition, one third of rental and distributor businesses said they would only generally use digital strategy for upgrades and innovation, compared to over a quarter of OEMs (28%).

With regards to technological developments including Internet of Things devices (IoT) and telematics, over half did not utilise these in their business, however, over two fifths recognised the importance of Augmented Reality (AR) with regards to maintenance and repairs. 

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