One in five construction workers feel their safety is compromised by employers, survey reveals

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31st December 2014 12:16 - Construction

A recent online survey, conducted by Ucatt (a trade union specialising in construction), has found that over one fifth (21 per cent) of those working in construction, feel that their safety is compromised by their employers, who do not take health and safety measures seriously.One in five construction workers feel their safety is compromised by employers, survey reveals

The findings of the survey, which received 750 completions from members of the union, has been described as “worrying” by Ucatt, as it is revealed that 11 per cent believe danger has increased in their workplace, in the last year.

A further 55 per cent had seen no improvement.

During the survey, the respondents revealed that their three main concerns, within their workplace, were: falling from heights, manual handling/lifting concerns and stress related illnesses.

The survey described employers’ negligence to protect their employees from asbestos as a “continued failing”, as three in five participants revealed that their line of work could see them come into contact with the highly dangerous material.

Of the respondents who claimed they were at risk of asbestos exposure in their workplace, 36 per cent admitted that either they or their colleagues had actually come into contact with asbestos within the year.

Of the entire sample, 38 per cent felt that their place of work did not have sufficient procedures in place to protect their workers from the hazardous material. Inhaling loose asbestos fibres is known to cause several serious and even fatal lung diseases.

Over a quarter (28 per cent) of the respondents claimed that they had not received adequate training on how to handle a situation where asbestos was found.

8 per cent of the respondents reported that their employer had not provided them Personal Protective Equipment, regardless of it being a legal requirement.

In addition, of those who claimed their employer had provided Personal Protective Equipment, 15 per cent claimed it was not meeting the needs of their job, nor was it regularly replaced.

When assessing workplace injury, 37 per cent claimed that they or someone they worked with had had an accident at work in the last year, and of those who had an accident at work, 50 per cent of the cases outlined required the injured individual to take time off.

As well as this, 46 per cent of those who took part in the online survey claimed that their employer did not protect them from working in extreme high or low temperatures.

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