Stress affecting 78% of construction workers in the Midlands, survey finds

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1st August 2018 15:18 - Construction

Stress is affecting 78% of construction workers in the Midlands: A survey has found that a large proportion of workers in the construction industry in the Midlands are experiencing high stress levels, yet half of them feel unable to speak to their boss about how they are feeling.
The study, carried out by Aquarius Life found that despite feeling pressure or stress, 75% of workers say they deliberately cover up how they are feeling.  It also found that 2% of respondents were drinking alcohol or taking drugs to help them through times of stress or pressure. According to the survey results, 28% of construction workers polled suspect a colleague has been under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work. 
The revelations also show that 52% of respondents, despite feeling they are struggling at work, are reluctant to share their status with their manager, because they want to keep their lives away from work, private. 
Help available? 
Seventy-six percent of workers polled said they did not know if there was any help they could access to help alleviate feelings of pressure, stress or personal issues, with 80% saying they did not feel as though they were supported in the workplace. 
Annette Fleming, CEO of Aquarius, said: “The results of our latest research are clear – at times, most of us can find it hard to deal with the day-to-day pressures of balancing our work and personal lives. In fact, 78% of construction employees in the Midlands confirm they experience stress that they struggle to cope with. That’s why we believe it’s time for employers to act”.

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