Survey explores why apprentices are so important to construction

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8th April 2016 17:38 - Construction

According to a recent construction survey by Power Tool World - which explored why apprenticeships are so important to the construction industry – apprenticeships are not only paramount to the construction sector as a whole, but to their individual employers.Survey explores why apprentices are so important to construction

Out of the construction employers in the survey, 75 per cent said that apprenticeships provided companies with long term skilled employees. As well as this, 35 per cent said that apprentices have made their business more productive and a further 14 per cent said that employing an apprentice had a notable significance on their profits.

The Power Tool World survey also uncovered a lack of knowledge about apprenticeships by those who have not yet employed one. Of the respondents, approximately 50 per cent said that they did not know where to start with hiring an apprentice. As well as this, more than one in three said that they are not aware of the grants associated with hiring apprentices.

The survey was conducted as part of Power Tool World’s campaign to showcase the importance of apprenticeships in construction, as a response to the expected 230,000 construction job vacancies in the next four years, which young people will ultimately help fill.

The Managing Director of Power Tool World, Chris Guy, said of the research findings:

“You can see from the results of this survey how important apprenticeships are to the construction industry and that there is still work needed to raise awareness and educate the industry. We’re taking any opportunity to do our bit to promote the scheme to young people and employers on the many benefits of apprenticeships.”

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