Survey reveals construction is one of the least female-friendly industries

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2nd November 2016 11:27 - Construction

Survey reveals construction is one of the least female-friendly industries: According to a survey conducted on behalf of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), young women have voted construction and property as the least female-friendly industries to work in, with 29 per cent of the respondents claiming that the industries are solely for males.Survey reveals construction is one of the least female-friendly industries

To glean the findings, the researchers questioned young women between the ages of 13 and 22 about their views of gender equality at work.

Of the respondents in the survey, 41 per cent said that they feel that simply being female would home them back in any workplace, not just in the property or construction industries. Despite believing that being a female was a barrier to equal treatment, 43 per cent of the girls said they felt that having a female Prime Minister would help encourage diversity in the workplace.

Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of the respondents said that they believe the behaviour and attitudes of CEOs and senior management were crucial in encouraging equal numbers of male and female employees in a business.

President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Amanda Clack, said that as a woman working in the construction industry, she feels that it is not a sector just for males; however, she feels that diversifying the people at the top of the ladder is vital.

Clack further added that when she first entered into the profession there were no clear female role models, yet in the survey 25 per cent of the young women feel that they will perform better under female CEOs and they want to see visible female role models.

Clack claimed that strong female role models would help bring diversity into the construction sector.

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